About ExamPic

We are a part of bigger mission to solve many problems.


In India, there are more than 50+ competitive exams carried out by Government of India, universities, and colleges. Thanks to Digital India campaign, registration for most of them is done online which has solved many problems but gave rise to one other. We target one of these problems faced by candidates appearing for these exams. While applying for these exams candidates need to provide photo, signature and thumb impressions of specific size and resolution. ExamPik is aimed toward solving this problem we provide an efficient solution for optimizing the image for exam forms.

Who are we

ExamPik is a simple solution to one problem and is part of something big. We are a subsidiary of "The PostMayor" media house. At The PostMayor we find the solution of problems that are not clearly visible. ExamPik is a solution to such a problem.